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The Pinochet Case

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“When I heard on the radio that Pinochet had been arrested in London I couldn’t believe it. I began to call around my friends who knew nothing about it either. After a few days I got in contact with the producer Yves Jeanneau telling him that we couldn’t miss this let this pass without making a documentary film.  Jeanneau approved the idea and I travelled to London accompanied by my daughter Camila as assistant.  We took with us a small camera. But at this point we didn’t have a penny and the project was not yet written. Neither was there a synopsis or a budget. Over the period of several months the project began to take shape and we continued to travel to London and also Madrid and Santiago, Chile, now accompanied by a bigger team. This long, slightly improvised shoot involved a long editing period in the hands of Claudio Martínez”.


Disponible en VOD

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