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The Southern Cross

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“After filming In the "Name of God I" became aware of the subversive thinking of the Catholic church in Latin America in the 80’s, supported by a group of theologists of the liberation supported by may bishops and an many priests from around the world. This trend confirmed that “unless a country is liberated politically and socially there is no Christian salvation”. They were accused by Marxists and sanctioned by Pope Wojtila and especially by the theologist Joseph Ratzinger. However these leaders from Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador and Guatamala managed to transmit their revolutionary message to the whole world. I wanted alongside them to tell the history of Latin America using the theme of faith as a guide. I also wanted to depict popular religion  and to reveal the creativity of the indigenous, the mestizos and black people  in relation to the Gospel. To go into a bit more depth on the theme I edited, at the same time, an additional annex to this work with a new structure, called "The Southern Cross I-II-III",  divided into three chapters of 60 minutes each”.

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