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Salvador Allende

Obreros sonrientes, de Luis Poirot.jpg


I made this film as a special homage to Salvador Allende. I wanted to remember the radiant dream that my generation experience, in which politics and utopia were synonyms. It is a direct film. It doesn’t have explicative or demonstrative information but instead offers a space for both human and historic reflection. Allende did many things that don’t appear in the film. Over 43 years  he was a student leader, minister, many times elected MP, general secretary of the SP,  also many time senator, president of the senate, four times a candidate for the leader of state and finally president of the republic. He travelled around Chile many times and each time he did so would provide enough material for an independent film. He won every constituency votes that he was a candidate for. He didn’t make do with becoming the overlord of a “red” zone (for example near to the saltpetre or carbon mines) but instead took the risk of being a candidate in other regions where he couldn’t always win and triumph. However, a film is not a book full of  facts but a collection of images full of emotion”.


Disponible en VOD

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